My autobiography

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My name is Lizeth Vanesa Garzón Castro

I was born the 23 May Of 1998 in the city of Girardot

I Live in the av 11 section 2-143 number Neighborhood Isaias Olivar

Myfather is watchman

My mother is housewife

My brother my brother is very important to me

My pet

I like to eat churrasco

I am a person very happy,friendly,good people and humble

I will study in the university Tolima

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I want to studyveterinary


My favorite sport is basketball, And the practical thing with many dedication

My favorite team is Colombia, I feel proud to be Colombian

My biggest fear are frogs

click for more of my pet click here to know more about me shape= click here to know more about father shape= click here to know more about mother shape= click here to know more about brother shape= Mapa de imagenes. pulsa en cada uno de los circulos.

My family are olga yolanda, herney garzón and my brother

My friends.

In the cinema of ibague.

the naranjos pool.

I admire my mother

I would like to know Orlando Florida